Inscrîbatus imon

Brixtû Rediû

(Traveller’s Prayer)

Galatê Toutatî arciumî anegestû sinrediû (Toutatis Galatos, I ask that you watch over this traveller)

Inscrîbatoi etic rêdoi imon

(My sigils and my journeys)

My front-page inscrîbatus is meant to represent the interconnectedness of, and the symbiotic relationships between, the Ueletorunoi, a Nouiogalatis divination system developed by Branos Carnutodrûidon. Each runos relies on the others in the system, each one lends its strength to the others, and together, they all become more than the sum of their parts. The constellation in the lower right quadrant of the inscrîbatus is Hercules, who the Dêuos Ogmios is considered to be. Ogmios is the First Ancestor of all Galatîs, and He is, among many other things, a Dêuos of Îanolaba (Right Speech), which was seen as virtuous in Gaul as words can bind people to a cause much more efficiently than even the strongest iron chains and harshest barbaric punishments. In including His constellation in the symbol for my blog, I hope to call upon him to bless these words and guide them as they fall from my fingertips, that they may be honest, virtuous, and flow with ease.

Uepoi (Words)